Free Spirit Khalid

Free Spirit is Khalid’s sophomore studio album following his break-out debut LP, American Teen, and his first EP Suncity, dedicated to his hometown of El Paso, Texas. The album is a harsh deviation from the safe and lyrically-upbeat compilation of songs from American Teen, enriched by heavier, darker, and wiser lyrical motifs.

The album features the lead single from Suncity, “Better,” as well as “Saturday Nights,” also featured on the EP. “Talk” was released as the lead single for Free Spirit as a microcosm of the album.

The album’s name, cover, and release date was announced alongside the release of “My Bad,”with the album’s third single, “Self,” releasing a week prior to the album’s official release. The album’s full tracklist was officially released two days before the album’s release alongside its final single, “Don’t Pretend.”

Two days prior to the album’s release, fans all around the world had the opportunity to hear the album by watching the ‘Free Spirit’ short film in select cinemas on April 3, 2019.

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